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July 2010



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Jul. 31st, 2010

sleepy beauty

Feliz Cumpleaños Mely!

Para Mely:

"Un año más; no mires con desvelo

la carrera veloz del tiempo alado,

que un año más en la virtud pasado

un año es más que te aproxima al cielo".

Ramón Pérez de Ayala.

Ten paciencia y hecha-le muchas ganas para llegar hasta la cima de donde quieras estas, hiciste una promesa en año nuevo y justo ahora que cumples 25 años con esa determinación y voluntad tuyas deberás lograr tus objetivos.
Pronto llenaras las paginas de tu journal con historias tanto originales como facfics maravillosos que cautivaran a todos los que las lean. Recuerda que todo tiene un precio en esta vida y que el tiempo no perdona; así que aprovecha mientras no te pasen la factura.

Felicidades Mely, animo! que saldrás adelante.

Dec. 26th, 2008


Merry Christmass (delay)

So, after a day from it, I wish you a happy holiday, and like i know i will not be online on new year eve, so i wish you a happy new year.

En esta navidad yo quiero desear:

1.- un convertible para irme a pasear
2.- a mis amigos para el auto estrenar
3.- a mi familia para a mis amigos regañar
4.- una casa para mi familia habitar

y lo mas importante...


what did you wish for this christmass????!!! XD
pd. i love the spanish lenguage.

Jul. 16th, 2008



Hi every one, im here again finally just to blame photoshop. after all the afternoun trying to coloring a picture i draw and colored by hand and just a few moments to finish it the photoshop start to freeze and the mouse is missing and the desk is freeze too, then  people keep talking to me by msn, and i will hit my computer but then again it the only one i have.

I just restart the machine again, and im mad and to hit something, my whole afteroun for noting.

in other words i invite you to see my devia art (or whatever ir call it), and see my poor jo as a begginir...

so, there you go

i promise you that it will have more yaoi, but like i say, im just a begginer in drawing the human body.

Jun. 23rd, 2008


Back to bussines

Just because i don't have internet any more, do not mean that i will leave you without any new, but i'm lazy...really lazy and i haven't sleep like i should.

When the inspiration shoot then you'll see more than a drabble. it just the lack of ideas, or something original to write.
so? any help?


May. 21st, 2008


Itazura na Kiss

first than anything, my english is poor, almost sucks (well, i do know many bad words XD), so please be honest with my first em... a... drabble? It just a super short story, so i think its a drabble. based on the song Itazura na kiss, from inuyasha (i hate that series, but i do love the songs XD).

>Everybody saw that, the red face, the stoic one, bags on the ground, the rash breath. But they don't pay attention to them, he just want to think, to understand what, why, how... well, the how it was simple, the man in front of him just press his lips with him, and then their tongues touch, and lost connection with the world.

Suddenly he didn't want to know why, at the time their lips met again, focusing in the feeling, not in a mischievous woman who plan it all since the beginning, and now was still claping her hands cherfully.<

So, what do you think? good, bad, their nightmare?.Don't be shy a jut tell me. please.
By the way, it's watanuki point of view.

see you.

May. 6th, 2008



Some tests i took. Just for fun:

What your favorite color says about you. (girls)

Purple: Purples are highly individual, fastidious, witty and sensitive, with a strong desire to be unique and different. Temperamental, expansive and artistic, a Purple person may become aloof and sarcastic when misunderstood. If you chose Purple, you tend to be unconventional, tolerant and dignified, likely to achieve positions of authority.
Take this quiz!

Quizilla |

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Who is your inner CLAMP character?
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Seishirou

You are like Seishirou Sakurazuka from Tokyo Babylon and X. Um... that's scary. People who do not know you very well may very well think that you are a kind and gentle soul - someone who loves animals and cares about the environment. But really, you probably couldn't care less. Your true nature is that you are a bit obsessive and antisocial. And maybe a bit of a stalker. And all of this would be a bad thing... if you weren't so damn cool.























How old are you mentally?

You're a teenager! You try to live it up every moment you can. You're trendy and unique, but tend to get a little crazy at times. You're a great friend but can be really annoying and immature sometimes. Overall everyone loves you for you, and you know it and never forget that! Don't get too obnoxious, because that's what's turning off alot of people that could've been your friends. F-U-N spells you out and your rebellious and daring behavior is what everyone cherishes.
Take this quiz!

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I don't believe this one so much:

What is your Japanese name? (Girls only )

Sada It means pure one.The snow leopard is alot like you it looks so clean and beautiful. Its white color represents how pure and innocent you are. Some people find it amusing that your favorite time of day is the darkest, midnight, you like it because it is the start of a new day like you a clean slate. Hope you liked, plz rate. ^-^
Take this quiz!

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wow a 47% people XD:

How assertive are you?

You're passively assertive. You have your own way of solving problems, and that is by going with the flow. That is, you just let people do what they're doing.
Take this quiz!

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This one have a 19% XD:

What career should you pursue?

You should be in the music industry. This could include be a singer, a songwriter, a choreographer, a musician, a music critic, making instruments, or teaching music.
Take this quiz!

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I like this one ;D:

What Are You The Muse Of?

You are the Muse of Literature! You are generally a quiet person, and somewhat withdrawn. Not to say you're unfriendly....you just sometimes get stuck in your own thoughts, and a lot of the time you don't want to let people in on your thoughts. Your mysteriousness inspires people to write poems and stories, oftentimes them being attempts at figuring out what's going on inside your head.
Take this quiz!

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And finally:

♥♦what color is your essence?♣♠ (9 results|detailed)

YELLOWYour essence is yellow! This does not make you a prep. This makes you rational and instinctive, yet very natural. You know a lot about the way people's minds work.You don't have one thing that is more important to you, because you don't compare such different things so easily. You remember memories better than facts. You love nature and identify better with animals or fictional characters than people. While your life hasn't exactly been dramatic, it hasn't really been normal either. Nothing about you is normal. You are in a "spark" stage in which a lot of doors are open to you. You have a lot of potential for everything--what will you use it on?
Take this quiz!

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meaby other day I post other test result.
see you

Apr. 14th, 2008

sleepy beauty

Meaby its about love?

Hi everyone, this post is about a fic im planning to writte, but i exactly do not know about what so i am open to suggestions, also, i want to say that it will be my first fic in english. all i have is the title which is the name of the post.

tell me a plot, what do you want: one shot, multi.chapter, au, lemon, lime, except angts i really get depresse reading them, so i don't what the same.
if you want you can tell me about a especific paring, but my idea was to see what serie gets along with the plot, so it all on you.

thanks for you attention, and sorry for make you lose time.

see you XD

Mar. 17th, 2008


Una entrada para reflexionar/An entry for reflexion:

Me opongo!

Me opongo a que un grupo de inadapatados sociales me digan que hacer.
A que amenacen con suicidarse y no lo hagan.
A que quieran apoderarse del esta tierra que me vio nacer.
A que un grupo de ignorantes de ponga de su lado llamandose a si mismos abraza-emos.

No estoy en contra de las garantias individuales, ni tampoco de la libertad de expresion.
Pero no es justo que me agredan cuando yo no me he metido con nadie.

Me tachan de inculta, de ignorante, cuando ellos no saben ni escribir, tampoco tienen un hobby, y no saben de nada. es mas, la mayoria ni- siquiera termino la escuela, o nisiquiera va a ella. ¿quien es mas ignorante?

yo solo soy una freak, una estudiante universitaria de 22 años, cuya meta es tener un doctorado e ir a japon, me gusta el anime, los juegos de computadoras, y navegar en la red. El yaoi me gusta por su trama y no por el morbo que tanto le dan junto al hentai y no al porno animado. Me gustan los libros de fantasia y una novela de detectives de un gran autor. Pero; ¿esto me hace ignorante?

Espero que alguien pueda responder mi unica pregunta:

¿porque los emos se sienten como los dueños del mundo cuando actuan como la escoria y/o plaga mas grave de la humanidad?

Nos vemos en la proxima entrada XD


I oppse!

I oppose that a group of social's unadapteds tell me that to do.
To that they threaten committing suicide and not they do it.
To that they want to seize of the this earth that saw me be born.
To that a group of ignorantes of puts of his side being called to themselves embraces-emos. 

I am not against the individual guarantees, nor either of the freedom of expression.
But it is not right to atack me when I have not put with anybody. 

They do not erase to me of inculta, of ignorante, when they do not know how to write, have not hobby either, and they do not know anything. What is even more, the majority at least don't finish the school, or not even it goes there. So who is ignorante? 

I'm a single one freak, a university student of 22 years, whose goal is to have a doctorate and to go to Japan, i like anime, the computer's games, and to sail in the network. The Yaoi pleases me by its plot and not by morbo that they much give in, next to hentai and not to porno animated.  I love to read fantasy and detective's storys from greattes autors. But, This makes me and ignorant?

 I hope that somebody can answer my only question: 

 Why do emos feel like the owners of the world when they act like the dreg and/or plagues more serious of the humanity?

See you next entry. XD


sorry if in english doest make any sense.

Feb. 25th, 2008


Odio la escuela!!!

Aquí escribo dándome un respiro entre tantos ejercicios.
Mi cabeza me duele al igual que mi estomago, pero debo aguantar un poco mas...
ok aguantare lo mas que pueda sin que me saquen de la escuela...


asi que buscare algo de cenar y me ire a dormir, si es que lo logro.

nos vemos

Feb. 12th, 2008


Tanjoubi, Omedetto gozaimasu!!!

Kory, felicidades en este día,
que dicha la tuya de ser mas chico que yo,
y ya eres legal en México XD
que mas podría darte que no sea algo trivial o trillado...:
espero no la tengas XD

Que te la pases bien sobretodo con aquel que robo tu corazón y tus amigos XD
Nos vemos.

The Yaoi Mistress aka Crystal Ketchum D.

P.D. todavía me debes una foto tuya.

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